How to be good in a big metal box

This video is entitled “How to be good in a big metal box”.

These past few days have been glorious.  The sun has been shining and the wind has been low which means it has been perfect cycling weather.

Despite feeling very happy I had a few moments of sadness.  In this video, I show you some poor driving examples which made me feel this way.  Please note that most people are considerate; a few are not.  These few paint a poor picture to all motorists.  The video ends by showing some good examples.

The point of this video is showing that bad driving doesn’t only affect my mood; it could make me feel sad or angry for a few seconds, but it could actually also affect my life.  Tonnes of metal vs. a vulnerable pedestrian, cyclist or horse rider won’t be seeing the former injured or dead.

Be considerate.  Show due care and attention to others on the road.  Be safe.


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