Child Of Our Time

Tonight and tomorrow sees the return of Child Of Our Time.  I am so looking forward to this.

Nearly a year ago I wrote a blog post asking the BBC, “Where is Child Of Our Time?“.  I like to think that the series has appeared back on our screens because of my post.  Of course it has.

The reason I am looking forward to this so much is because this programme follows up on a group of children born around the year 2000 and I am sure I followed it from the very first series.  I remember each year watching as they grew up.  It will be so interesting to see the development of the children as they turn 17 and enter adulthood.  The overarching question posed is “Are we born or are we made?” and by following the children as they have developed, the influence of their genes, and the influence from their surroundings can be explored.

I have said it before, and I will say it again, I don’t think something on this magnitude could have been completed as easily on a commercial rival.  The BBC commissioned this programme with the intention of visiting the children every year.  Sadly, it hasn’t been the case though.  This return is the first time Child Of Our Time on our television screens in four years with the last sighting back in 2013.  Professor Robert Winston, host and curator in 2011 suggested that the BBC had decommissioned the programme as its intention to film, at such a pivotal time in the children’s lives, had stopped.   In years beforehand, sometimes the cameras went back a few times in a year.  Despite this intermittent appearance, the series has been kept alive and I do hope that the series’ ambitions of following the 25 children until they are 20 are followed through.  Where will these young people end up?

Despite the series not coming back soon enough and only being on our screens for 2 hour long programmes, it will be wonderful to see how the children have progressed.

Children Of Our Time is on tonight and tomorrow on BBC One at 9pm.


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