Improving the driving test?

Good morning,

The Driving and Vehicle Standard Authority (DVSA) currently has an open consultation on its vision of improving the driving test.  I have given my views.  You should too.

I would have liked, of course, to have seen proposals relating to the further protection of cyclists and other vulnerable road users.  Alas, I supported these changes to varying degrees.

These proposals make the test more vigorous and it makes it mimic real life.  Life is full of distractions and variables which cannot be controlled.  The changes suggested include increasing the independent driving section and using a Sat-Nav during this. 

This is a test in which a human being weighing on a rough average 13 stone (80kg), who can reach an average maximum speeds of 7 mph takes control of a machine which weighs averagely well over a tonne (1000kg) and can easily reach the maximum speed limit of 70mph.  It’s quite important the test is rigorous and real.

Improving the car driving test

The consultation closes on Thursday 25th August at 11:45pm.

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