Tesla Model 3

I have never been “into” cars but I have always been able to spot a beauty and this is certainly one.  Today the Tesla Model 3 was announced as an “affordable car”.

Not only does it look pretty aesthetically but the concept behind it is beautiful.  A fully electric car.  The idea has been floating around for a long and models have appeared on the market.  What makes this unique is its affordability, its range, and of course its design.  This model has too a range of safety features including automatic steering to avoid collisions.  I love the sound of this model.  Another move in the direction of the driverless car?  Maybe.

Despite being announced today on the BBC News today, April 1st, this is no April Fools’ joke.  The launch event was surrounded by a lot of hype and already many pre-orders have already been made.  For me the Tesla brand instantly reminds me of electric powered cars, or rather when I talk about electric powered cars, I say Tesla, and I think, especially with this model announcement they will remain at the forefront of this market.

Samuel x

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