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The BBC needs to remain mostly untouched.  I say mostly as there are issues with bureaucracy .  Looking back a few years, I distinctly recall the trauma of learning about bureaucracy in my first semester of first year.  Ahhhh.  Bureaucracy!  Some slimming needs to take place.  Any organisation needs to focus in on its own accounts and procedures in order to make sure these are expended wisely.

Despite this bureaucratic mess, as aptly shown in the BBC’s programme of self-reflection known as W1A, the BBC remains a wonder of our nation.  The British Broadcasting Company produces magnificent content.  It doesn’t take much searching around to find reports about how the BBC’s services have an effect on the vast majority of the populace – whether that be television, online or radio.  Take a moment to think about the last time you used the BBC.

Check this out:

Let the politicians deciding the fate know how much you value the BBC.  

The above link will take you to 38degrees which you can provide answers to some utterly convoluted questions.  Some were worded in such a way that I simply tutted, my hand navigated the cursor towards the x of the tab . . . but no!  They want you to become disengaged from the matter and then disinterested.

It shouldn’t take very long.  I think 38 degrees said 10 – 15 minutes although I wrote for slightly longer.  Perhaps I am more impassioned about the issue.  This is how each question is presented:


The petition closes tomorrow.  If you are strapped for time or it has now closed, sign the petition.


Thank you for reading.


Samuel x

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