2013-08-13 – Jobs


Long time no post.  Again.  I seem to say that a lot.  Life is too rich to remember to do this and remember to do that.  Life needs to be experienced, and noted some of the time.

I have just seen this film trailer for ‘Jobs Official American Legend’ and I do really want to go and see it.  I am, by no stretch of the imagination, a liker of Apple products.  I once owned an Apple iPod Chromatic; I hate to admit.  I joke, I joke.  It completely served its purpose and gave me hours of listening pleasure.  I received it one Christmas and was ever so thankful.  The beauty and simplicity of its inner and outer design.  However, I soon broke out of the Apple ecosystem.  Regardless when I was looking at getting a new phone, or looking into whether I should get a tablet, Apple was still up there.  Why?  How?  Commodity fetishism there was.  This film will undoubtedly explore the history of and ethos of the man and brand. Such attraction created.  Here’s the trailer:


I want to go to the pictures a lot over the next few weeks.  Feels like an age since I last went.  I really enjoy the cinematic experience.   So let’s change that.



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