2013-02-10 – Brain Doctors


It’s been a long time since I last blogged. It’s been ever longer since I last vlogged. What’s going on?! That will soon change. Especially when I hit the ‘Publish’ button on here. A vlog is in the works. Well . . . kind of. Anyway:

Today I want to talk about a fly-on-the-wall documentary produced by the BBC called Brain Doctors. Being away from the conventional television and sat usually browsing Google Plus, Twitter and Facebook, I failed to notice the first episode of this three part wonder. Luckily my family caught it and told me about it on Skype.

Brain Doctors on BBC Two:  Surgeon Jay Jayamohan

Surgeon Jay Jayamohan

Set at John Radcliffe Hospital, the top neurosurgery unit in the United Kingdom, and where I was at, memories came flooding back. From the modern class frontage of the children’s department where I sat in my wheelchair when I could leave my bed and watched the traffic in the ‘real world’, to the buttons at the lift which I pressed and of course seeing Mr Jay Jayamohan again, was truly wonderful.

Jay didn’t operate on me, but was one of the team of consultants who came around each morning to check on my progress. A great man. One with a cracking sense of humour!

Not for the squeamish, this programme does highlight the frailty of life. You can be going about your daily lives and within a moment your world can be turned upside down or even turned off. Make the most of life.

As mentioned, the lack of bed space meant the registrar had to make the terrible decision of whether to admit someone based on their chances of survival. I want to stress the importance of the Warwickshire and Northamptonshire Air Ambulance in getting me to hospital in around 1/5 of the time a normal land ambulance would have. Time was of the essence. It massively increased my chance of survival.

I strongly recommend this programme. The work of people such as Jay and the team at John Radcliffe strive to turn people’s lives the right way up. They do an amazing job.

Click here: Brain Doctors – 1. Emergency


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