It is so easy for life to be a breeze.

But variables get in the way of this ease.

For years I have been reporting many different issues and getting little bits sorted. Most of the issues reported are relating to road maintenance and therefore go to the Northamptonshire County Council’s Street Doctor, now rebranded as FixMyStreet.  Some issues relate to the borough council and are dealt with by email.

Time passes and I forget what I have done. I have decided to note down some recent examples and also go back through my emails and find a few dozen. I haven’t documented my successes anywhere before. This is to note them but also I can use it to keep a tab on what’s happening and what’s not. Also admittedly I can show off my success stories. This list is by no means exhaustive.

Do note that I report what I deem needs to be fixed and what quite often comes back is the generic response that “The defects identified do not currently meet NCC investigatory levels, will continue to monitor through Highway safety inspections”.  However this seemingly automatic response changed with the ability to add photos which appeared towards the beginning of 2019 and it seems that providing hard evidence for means it cannot be simply added to a list but needs to be sorted with vitesse.

I have only just began writing this (Q2, 2020).  When I remember I will add previous examples and backdate them.

I firstly thought I would include this screenshot.  When I received this reply (July 2020), I laughed.  I go to the effort of taking a photo and drawing a little marking on a map.  Rather than solely words, the imagery hopefully will get it sorted quicker.  In this case, some plonker had smashed an entire bottle into tiny shards all over the path.  It could have split dog’s paws, a child from the adjacent play area could have fallen in it or a bicycle could have got a puncture.


Virtual Meetings – Borough Council of Wellingborough

I very much doubt it has skipped your attention but the coronavirus happened.  At the beginning of 2020, councils up and down the land had to quickly get themselves set up online, some kicking and screaming, so could continue to hold meetings.  The Borough Council of Wellingborough held its first virtual meeting, I think, on 26th May 2020.  I emailed the democratic services officer to complain that even I, a relatively ok computer person, could not easily find the link to Microsoft Teams, their chosen platform.

Here’s a screenshot from that night of the homepage.  Where’s the link?  It was actually on a carousel with three other news items rotating round in the bottom centre every few minutes.  I asked for it to be prominent, perhaps at the top of the page and voila.


Here’s a screenshot from the night of a meeting on 30th September 2020:

Gloucester Place zebra crossing

On 17th July 2019 I reported the terrible fading of the white lines of the zebra crossing just outside The Palace near Gloucester Place. I received an update on my report stating they ‘have already been made aware of this previously’ and that the repainting works have been ‘added to our forward programme’.

July 2019

This was the image I attached to the report. Owing to the condition of it and the need for this to be done in the warmer, drier month, I guessed maybe in about a month or two.

I reported this again on 29th September 2019 and received exactly the same response.

Nearly 9 months later, on a rainy day, I reported it yet again. The report was made a couple of weeks later on Sunday 12th April 2020. The rain made the fading even more severe. I stated ‘It is so faded. Does that make the council responsible if someone is hit and injured’.

Zebra crossing in the rain

Magically, a few days later it was repainted!

Repainted zebra crossing - April 20202


Sign resurrection

I guess some awful driver drove into the 20mph on Henshaw Road, Wellingborough right by a Primary School and zebra crossing.

Photo on 10th March 2020.




1st April 2020



Croyland Park signs

A recent case I was proud of was getting the notice boards changed at the entrances to the park. It had damaged them and they looked rubbish. I had to send numerous emails and it took ages to do but I was eager to get this sorted to make the town look nice. This is an area thousands of people walk past when they visit the borough for the International Waendel Walk so I wanted it to look good.

May 2018:


Lights out

A common issue I report is when traffic lights bulbs have blown.  I am not going to give every example here but here’s one:

Another example is on the 16th September 2019 I sent a report saying “Green is out on traffic light on Castle Way” and the very next day I received a reply saying “Engineer has attended site 17/09/2019 @12:40 and replaced lamp.  Thank you for making us aware of this issue”.  Fantastically quick response!



Pothole opposite Ye Golden Lion

On 19th April 2020 I reported an almighty pothole that appeared opposite Ye Golden Lion just before the junction with Doddington Road.

The following week, on 25th April, I got an email saying it was fixed.

And voila! Wonderfully quick.