Why the abnormal felt so normal

It has been a long since I last updated my blog.  I may one day explore the reasons for this massive gap, or I may not.

A few weeks ago for one of the first time in a very long time I felt normal and it was doing something that so many people would find ab-normal.  Hundreds and hundreds of people rode completely naked on bicycles.

Each year since 2014 I have taken part in the ‘World Naked Bike Ride’ except for 2020.  As the severity of the Coronavirus became known and events were being cancelled left, right and centre, I realised that, although it was quite a few months away at the time, its cancellation was an inevitability.  The usual time of the year this happens is June but ongoing restrictions this year saw its postponement yet again but finally with restrictions fully lifted, Saturday August the 14th was the London ride and Sunday the 15th August was Brighton ride. I just had to do it!

I love to take part because it is such a happy event.  As people go about their daily lives, and see a few hundred naked people casually cycling past it does, in the vast majority, elicit such happiness, joy, shock, cheer and whoops and claps.  This year during the London ride, we got someone shouting something about Jesus.  I cannot understand their logic.  They believe God designed the human form so why on earth would they want to cover it up and hide it away.  Surely they would want to display the human body for it is the result of the artistry of God.  It is the most natural display.  But hey ho.  A few people are scared of nudity because of modernity for they deem nakedness to equal sex.  It does not!  And for anyone that deems it to do so needs to wash out their mind.  The capitalist system sexualises the naked body for profit – think of the constant bombardment of advertisements selling a super sexy product with a super sexy and half naked actor.  Sex sells.  Our primal urge flicks a switch on in our minds.  And in the downtime away from the bedroom, let us condemn nudity in order to sell more material and more clothes.  Fashion.  Oh no.  Those pieces of material, those particular are not ‘in’ so buy more, different clothes.  Repeat.  Capitalism wins!

2021-08-31 – Why the abnormal felt so normal

Anyway, I also partake in these events for the protest.  The World Naked Bike Ride calls to end ‘car culture’, protests against the global dependency on oil, to push for obtaining real rights for cyclists, demonstrates the vulnerability of cyclists and celebrates body freedom.  All of these points I agree with plus, as anyone who knows me will know, I adore cycling so any excuse to get on a bike – with or without clothes and I will.

Here are some photos of the rides.  Firstly London.  Some of these will be not so safe for work:


And then Brighton the next day:





Speak sooner rather than later,


Samuel x

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